ArkFIXED 5G LTE Cellular Broadband Privacy Policy

We collect information about you and how you’re using our Products or Services along with information about your devices and equipment. This may include performance information, along with web browsing, location and video viewing information.


Here are detailed examples of types of information we collect from our Products or Services:


  • Account Information: includes things like contact and billing information, service-related details and history and similar information, including Customer Proprietary Network Information. It also includes technical, equipment and usage information that relate to the services, products, websites and networks we provide you.


  • Web browsing and app information includes things like the websites you visit or mobile apps you use. We use pixels, cookies, and similar technologies, and collect information on and off our network. We do not decrypt information you transmit using a secure website or app – including sensitive data like passwords or your banking information. We collect information including internet protocol and website address, and identifiers like advertising IDs and device IDs. This may also include information about the time you spend on websites or apps, the links or advertisements you see, the videos you watch online using our mobility and broadband services, search terms you enter, and items in your online shopping cart. We use this information together with data from testing and running our network.


  • Equipment Information includes information that identifies or relates to equipment on our networks, such as type, identifier, status, settings, configuration, software or use.


  • Network performance and usage information includes information about our networks, including your use of Products or Services or equipment on the networks, and how they are performing.


  • Location Information includes your street address, your ZIP code and where your device is located. Location information is generated when the devices, Products or Services you use interact with cell towers, Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth services, access points, other devices, beacons and/or with other technologies, including GPS satellites.


We collect your information in 3 ways:


  • You give it to us when you make a purchase, set up an account or otherwise directly communicate with us.


  • We automatically get it when you use, or your device uses, our Products or Services. For example, we use network tools to collect information like call and text records and the web browsing information we describe in this Policy.


  • We get it from outside sources like credit reports, marketing mailing lists, and commercially available geographic and demographic information, along with other available information, such as public posts to social networking sites.


We use your information, together with the information from testing and running our network, to power our services and to improve your experiences. This information is used to provide, support, improve, protect, analyze and bill for our products, service and network; to communicate with you about your service, products or apps; to better understand how you use our products and services; to market our services; to detect and avoid fraud; for advertising; and for research.

Here are examples of ways we use your information:


  • Providing our Products and Services.
  • Contacting you.
  • Improving your experience and protecting the Products and Services we offer. This includes things like customer care, network security, verifying or authenticating your identity, detecting and preventing fraud, billing and collection, protecting your financial accounts, authorizing transactions and the development of future Products and Services.
  • Helping us plan, deploy, improve, protect and defend our network infrastructure, protecting our property and legal rights, and for other lawful purposes.
  • Supporting and providing location services.
  • For security purposes, including preventing and investigating illegal activities and violations of our Terms, Use Policies and other service conditions or restrictions.