Embracing Reality To Prevent Cancellation and De-Platforming

Embracing Reality To Prevent Cancellation and De-Platforming

History has shown us countless times that those who have embraced the natural order, those who have harnessed it, and those who used its properties and particulars in unique and creative ways have often survived and thrived in the middle of unimaginable adversity.

Take for example someone who gets caught up in the ocean’s undertow. Rather than fighting against the undertow, maritime safety experts tell swimmers and surfers who suddenly find themselves held captive by it, to ride in cohort with the undertow, all while maneuvering to position themselves so they are swimming perpendicular to its flow.

The ultimate goal of embracing the undertow while you are trapped in the middle of it is because nature is an undefeatable adversary. Since you can’t defeat reality, the fastest and most effective way to prevail when nature has you in an undesirable position, is to use the nature and essence of reality in a way that allows you to gain the upper hand.

Thus, if the captive uses the very nature of the undertow, riding in communion with its menacing pull in order to propel the captive out from its coercive grip as fast as possible without bodily strain, that may be the fastest and most effective way to acchive the objective of returning to the shore alive.

A historical example of embracing the nature of things to succeed and remain on-point can be found in the time period after the death and resurrection of Christ, when the first Christians sought to evangelize the world. Rather than isolate or pull back from reality, they went to Greece to use the philosophy and linguistic vernacular in their favor to more fully articulate the gospel message.

They even went into Rome, the heart of pagan society, embracing the various roads and buildings proffered by the large metropolitan area where they traveled, engaged in commerce, preached, and taught, all while using the vast crowds, and immense network of roads and buildings as cover to hide in plain sight from those seeking to do them harm in order to prolong their effectiveness of transforming hearts and minds.

The fact that 2000 years later, Christianity remains the largest religion in the world, encompassing 2.382 billion believers in 2020 while claiming 31.11% of the population, shows just how effective embracing reality and working within it, even in the midst of insurmountable hostility, is.

This is the philosophy that fundamentally underpins our vision here at The Ark, Arca Foederis LLC.

In modern times, there are certain people who wield economic and civic power who often don’t like some of the messages that Christianity proclaims. These people have influence over various Western and European institutions, and they have used that influence to remove, block, and de-platform individuals who produce content they don’t like, as well as individuals or groups who transmit messages they do not support or endorse.

In other parts of the world, the exact same message is viewed differently. In some cases, the same message content viewed with a hostile eye by certain powerful western elites, is held in common and embraced. In other cases, the message is valued not for its content, but rather it is valued because it irks people who hold outsized influence or economic control over certain western institutions, and in that case the message is viewed as useful and worthy of transmission.

As concern for fortifying against de-platforming grows in the west, within certain demographics of political, religious, and philosophical realms, there have begun to emerge those who are seeking to construct solutions to fortify against such adversity.

One does not have to look far to see specific examples. There have been numerous articles written highlighting the Pocono Mountains of Eastern Pennsylvania where the founder of Gab has built a datacenter and server infrastructure that he claims will protect Gab against de-platforming. There is also a datacenter in Michigan that was built with the same goal of protection against cancellation and de-platforming.

While this sounds good at first listen, the reality is that even these data centers ultimately have to connect to the same Tier 1 Internet Backbones that everyone else connects to. Otherwise, nobody would be able to access any content that is hosted in them.

These internet backbone providers are AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, NTT, Level 3, Cogent, Comcast, and others.

The backbone providers own, operate, and maintain the physical wires that connect buildings. There is no way to avoid them.

When push comes to shove, and the woke mob decides to pressure these providers to cut off access to your datacenter, or block access to content within it, there are numerous mechanisms that can be used to cut and cancel you, and the only way around that blockade is to move your data center to another physical location and use another backbone with the hope that particular backbone provider doesn’t cancel you as well.

Thus, it is clear that the concept of datacenters outside the grip of the big tech companies that are owned, operated, and controlled by those seeking to permit free transmission of ideas, is not a viable solution because there is always a way to cancel access to something if there is a desire to do so. In this regard, datacenters might be viewed like large ships in the middle of an ocean operating without a naval fleet to provide protection.

This is not the pathway forward. It is simply not viable.

The reality is that infrastructure, datacenters, and communication channels exist.

The interconnectedness of the world depends on this infrastructure regardless of who controls the various parts of it.

If you are disconnected from this global infrastructure, your message loses range, effectiveness, and the number of hearts and minds your message reaches is severely diminished.

With that said, perhaps the question best asked is this:

 “How does a website or content get canceled? What actually happens?”

 Here is the answer:

First, someone or a group decides the message should be stopped, blocked, and should not be allowed to be transmitted. Tyrants have felt this way since the earliest days of mankind so the fact this exists is nothing new.

Secondly, the tyrant or mob has to identify who is transmitting the message, where the data contained in the message lives, and the mechanism that is facilitating consumption of the message by those receiving it.

Those are the choke points, (a) the datacenter, website, or resource hosting the message, (b) the platform transmitting it, and (c) the person doing the transmitting and/or the platform they are using to transmit the message, and the place where the message consumers are receiving it.

Once those three choke points are identified, social pressure is applied until one, two, or all three of them, and the gatekeepers of those chokepoints ultimately respond and block the data, close down the transmission channel, or shut the message transmitter or receiver out from being able to access the data, its transmission channel, or both.

The Ark uses revolutionary technology that makes that choke point model obsolete.

The bad guys cannot deploy the normal chokepoint process to de-platform content that is hosted with The Ark.

On the Ark, your data can live anywhere. Its location cannot be determined because (a) the infrastructure your data is hosted on is unable to see it, and doesn’t know the specifics of what’s there, and (b) the people consuming your data cannot determine where your data is living.

In fact, your data can move back and forth to and from many different places across 6 continents, and neither the people who control the infrastructure housing the servers where your data is living or the people on the other side who are consuming your data, can trace out, find, or know where the data is.

In a sense, this architecture kneecaps the model that the tyrants have been using to de-platform the ideas it doesn’t like.

This means the tyrants and the mob now has to go back to work to try and figure out how to deal with this new reality we’ve set before them, as a result of having Raised the Ark.

Therefore, the concept of the datacenter, who owns it, or who controls the infrastructure around it, is not applicable to the current model of availability and fortification against cancellation.

The data can live everywhere, nowhere, and anywhere.

The assumption is that datacenters will catch fire, get struck by lightning, flood, and data will be destroyed.

None of that matters to The Ark. Our model does not involve “the datacenter”.

The cloaking technology, proxies, and bulletproof perimeter cloud technologies we deploy to ensure that it is impossible to determine the location of the infrastructure housing your data is how we embrace and harness the natural order to ensure that you survive and thrive.

If nobody can find where the data is, there is nothing that can be blocked, cancelled, de-platformed, or erased.

The Ark is The Solution and the Solution is The Ark.